Motus Modules

Chorégraphies d'auteur

Compagnie ça - Hervé Diasnas

Since 2002, Motus Modules has collaborated on the artistic level with the contemporary choreographer Hervé Diasnas (the ça Company) :

- Lightning passage of a dragonfly

What would become of us if Planet Earth released its gravitational pull ?

What would happen if the weight of existence no longer urged us to create moments of brief, ephemeral happiness ?

How would a dancer perform in a weightless state ?

Can a jump be made from nowhere ?

This display develops an experience we have all dreamed of: to be free, to float, to fly.

- Air columns

This is a dialogue illustrating the intimacy and fragility of an unusual air-ground choreographic relationship. It is a highly detailed choreographic exercise where gravitational and floating states are sometimes in opposition or in combination, sometimes presented singly.

- Shadow dream

The Shadows have a dream that they follow - fervently. They search for it by moving through space passionately, hoping that the multiple tracks of their repeated journeys will crysallize and build something sure. Flesh-coloured, the Shadows are noisy and whimsical. They must prove that they are indeed real, and they must also convince themselves that they have a place in history's ebb and flow - thus the endless moving. They invent stories for themselves and for each other, hoping to forget that they were born of a dream and that they are destined to fade away.

- Diaphane (septuor en 2011)
- Nuée (9 artistes en 2013).