Motus Modules

The Team

Motus Modules was founded in 2001 by Brigitte Morel, a dancer-choreographer, and Yves Morotti, a technician and construction engineer.

After working as a dancer-interpreter and choreographer, Brigitte Morel first experienced aerial performances with Les Elastonautes, and found her true love was working with the air element. After a few years working with Les Elastonautes, she and Yves Morotti, the company technician at that time, decided to create their own company in order to develop a more personal approach, to research into the possibilities weightless dancing offered, to devise large-scale aerial sequences, and invent a choreographic language suspended between earth and skies, where very space itself promotes dialogue.

The Company is made up of professional dancer-choreographers and technicians met here and there over the years. This creative team draws on a variety of artistic genres and modes of expression. Their major asset? Their ability to offer tailor-made programs, to devise productions adapted to a wide range of urban spaces, to adapt sequences to chosen themes.

The outcome? Displays, between skies and standing structures, using the fluidity of the air to create a perpetually spinning, floating world, moments of high emotion, a dreamlike, fantasy world, magic instants suspended in the air; to be at one with the audience, come to them to perform in their space and share with them these poetic moments, poetic moments for people of all ages.

Motus Modules works together with the choreographer Hervé Diasnas (see our Partnerships page). In the search to enrich choreographic language, the Company has designed for him a system of flying which allows the dancer to perform in a weightless condition in the air and in a non-weightless condition on the ground. This partnership has led to three productions: “Vol éclair d’une libellule” (The Fleeting Flight of a Dragonfly) in 2002, “Chroniques aériennes” (Aerial Narratives) in 2005, “Le rêve des ombres” (The Dream of the Shadows) in 2008; a fourth production, “Diaphane avatar” (Diaphanous Avatar), is planned for Autumn 2010.

The Company premises are a former truck shed called “Le Lieu”. It is located in an Alsatian village in the heart of the country and serves at one and the same time as a laboratory, a rehearsal hall, a workshop, storage area, and a convivial place where resident artistes are welcome, a space for sharing creative work.