Motus Modules


Brigitte Morel

After graduating from a school of classical dancing in Geneva, Brigitte Morel came to Strasbourg to study contemporary dance and jazz, theatre and singing under Jean Garcia at the ACTES vocational training school. She also followed courses at La Pratique, founded by Hervé Diasnas, prior to teaching classical and contemporary dance herself. She has performed in a number of works by J. Garcia (Histoire du Soldat, Travail, La Symphonie du Nouveau Monde…). She was a member of the Ballet du Rhin from 1982 to 1985, working with different guest choreographers, among others, Balanchine, S. Lifar, P. Schauffus, A. Gadès, C. Brumachon, She went on to dance with the Opéra du Rhin until 1995, appearing in a dozen-or-so pieces, operas and operettas. In 1991, the choreography for the video-dance “Kronos” directed by M. Feltin, carried her signature; she was awarded first prize at the European Youth Festival in Hanover for this work. In 1995 she worked with Louis Ziegler for the “Ateliers du Plaisir” (collaborating on choreography with Le Grand Jeu), and with Jean Garcia on Le Jeu du Parvis for the opening night of the festival Voix et Routes Romanes. The same year she joined the aerial dance company Les Elastonautes, touring with them in France and abroad until 2001.
In 2001 she founded her own company, Motus Modules, in order to develop research into weightless dancing and create an appropriate choreographic language. The resulting aerial dance shows have been performed worldwide: in Italy, Spain, Colombia, Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium and France. Brigitte Morel is also the author of a number of works including : “Juste pour le plaisir”, “Solo pour un duel”, “Le rêve du poisson”, “Le regard de l’autruche”, “Rue du Grand Couronné”, creative combinations of the plastic arts and choreography. In 2001 she worked with Louis Ziegler and the group E-toile on dancing improvisations shown live on internet, and took part in the show “Danses de Zigues”, produced by Le Grand Jeu. In 2002, with Motus Modules and Hervé Diasnas as Art Director, she worked on the production of a solo aerial dance “Passage éclair d’une libellule” and took part in a number of events in Europe with her company. In 2003, more tours with shows integrating more and more creative choreography, and further collaboration with Le Grand Jeu in a number of choreographic events in the Alsace region. In 2004, yet more international tours, the production of “Jardin suspendu” for the Festival des Deux Rives in Strasbourg with Motus Modules, and work for the theatre production “La force faible” given by the Pandora company. In 2005, further international tours with Motus Modules and the production of “Chroniques aériennes” with Hervé Diasnas as Artistic Director. In 2006, Brigitte Morel trained 16 Italian dancers and put her signature to the aerial choreographies for the Baroque display produced during the inaugural ceremony of the Turin Olympic Games; she also produced the dance show “Utopiques”, with Le Grand Jeu, and other dance shows with Motus Modules. In 2008, she worked with Hervé Diasnas on a new production, “Le rêve des ombres”, an air-ground septet, and was on tour with Motus Modules managing events and organizing shows.
In 2009, in collaboration with the Hector Protector Company, produced the show “L’Alsace qui raconte” (dance, music, theatre) for the Vosges du Nord Regional Park;  international tours with Motus Modules.  In 2010, staged and choreographed on inclined planes the witches scenes for the Opera du Rhin’s production of Verdi’s Macbeth.